Becoming Agile Product Owner

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Excel as a Product Owner with Agile Mastery & Precision! Navigate the complexities of product development with confidence and authority.

Unlock the full potential of Agile with this expertly crafted Product Owner course. Gain actionable insights into defining roles, mastering tools like Jira and Miro, and perfecting sprint planning. Learn to lead with agility, facilitate impactful meetings, and drive product success from concept to launch.

Elevate your career with proven techniques and a community of peers. Enroll now and step into the role of Product Owner with the competence to shape the future of product innovation.


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Welcome to Becoming Agile Product Owner Program!


If you're considering a career as a Product Owner or Product Manager, or already stepping into this role, this course is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel.


With demand for Product Owners increasing rapidly and a median salary of $107,368 in the US, the potential for career growth is unlimited. This course will cover all the basics of customer research, product planning, working with a team, and stakeholders. You'll develop a good understanding of the role and the craft, as well as the key skills and tools you need to master to be successful.


Upon completion of this course, you'll develop an in-depth understanding of the profession, key skills, and tools. You'll know what your strengths are, which will help you excel in the Product Owner role, and you'll understand in which areas you need to gain additional knowledge or practice. You'll also develop fluency in Product Owner lingo and have enough theoretical knowledge to start interviewing for Product Owner roles.

Unlock your potential as a Product Owner with our comprehensive course. Step into the world of Agile excellence, shape innovative products, and elevate your career — all within reach with just one click!



Who is this Course for?

Junior Product Owners and Product Managers

Aspiring Product Owners and Product Managers

Anyone who is curious about the role and wants to understand whether it could be a right fit for them

Agile coaches who need tools to coach and train Product Owners

Small business owners and startup owners who want to learn how to build great products efficiently

What you'll learn

Product Owner Essentials: Learn what defines a Product Owner and the essential skills for success.

Agile Language Mastery: Become fluent in Product Owner terminology and understand development processes.

Customer & Product Focus: Master customer research, product planning, and managing stakeholder expectations.

Agile Principles Knowledge: Grasp the core principles of Agile product development.

Product Owner Expertise: Acquire the knowledge and skills to excel as a Product Owner.

Self-Improvement Insights: Identify your strengths and areas for growth in the Product Owner role.

Practical Tool Application: Learn to apply new knowledge immediately with practical tools.

Product Development Leadership: Guide the product development process and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Interview Readiness: Gain the theoretical knowledge needed for Product Owner interviews.

Outcome vs Output Understanding: Differentiate between outcomes, outputs, and team health.

Critical Questioning Techniques: Practice asking the right questions for optimal product outcomes.

Role Clarification: Understand the distinctions and overlaps between Product Owner and Product Manager.

Adaptability in Complexity: Adjust to rapidly changing and complex environments.

Effective Feedback Skills: Learn to give constructive feedback that fosters growth and avoids hostility.

Receptive Feedback Methods: Develop strategies to receive feedback positively for personal growth.

Facilitation Mastery: Effectively facilitate meetings and events for successful outcomes.


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Community Access: Join a vibrant community of fellow students to share insights, challenges, and wins.

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masha ostroumova - enterprise agile coach

About your instructor

Masha Ostroumova

With nearly a decade of experience in the Agile space, I've worn multiple hats - from an Agile practitioner to a Product Owner, and finally an Agile coach. Over these years, I've had the pleasure of guiding dozens of teams towards a more customer-focused, efficient, and outcome-oriented approach.

Before starting my own company, Agile Apothecary, I worked at McKinsey & Company Japan. There, as an Enterprise Agile Coach, I drove large-scale Agile transformations across a variety of industries and locations.

But I don't just practice Agile; I live and breathe it, and I love sharing this passion with others. As a best-selling instructor on Udemy, I've connected with over 90,000 students, earning an average rating of 4.5/5. Beyond numbers, though, what truly fills me with joy is knowing I'm making a real difference in people's lives and careers.

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