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When business owners find themselves using the right resources, hiring the right talent, and still not getting any material results, something is wrong.

But how can they clearly point it out?

The answer is Team Barometer, a FREE team health check system that allows team members and business owners alike to pinpoint, address, and grow from any plateau!

How many times have you seen a business with remarkable leaders and talented team members fail and crash back to square zero?


Countless times! These scenarios leave every business owner scratching their heads, wondering where things went wrong. You see, many SMEs focus on three things, talent, talent, and yes, you guessed it, talent!

Everyone and their nephew is mentored and coached into looking for a team that looks unstoppable on paper but is never taught to look for a team with chemistry, harmony, and shared purpose!

This is why when a problem occurs and the team’s productivity drops, no one really knows who or what to blame it on, especially when they’re using all of their resources, have all the right people in the right places, and still aren’t getting the results they’re after.

Another reason for these mystery fails and plateaus is that business owners and team members don’t have access to measurable, accurate metrics that give them actionable insight into their team’s performance, which means that they’ll never be able to find the root of the problem when it occurs.

Learn how to save your team

The industry’s most impactful team enhancement tool, now at your disposal!

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Here's what you will get

A scorecard with detailed description of your team's issues

Actionable recommendations and instructions how to prioritize them in case a lot of improvements are needed

A free Miro workshop template that you can use to start discussion with your team

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In the business world, the rule is plain and simple: If your team members are unhappy, they’re unproductive!


If you’re hiring the brightest minds in your industry, using every software and strategy tool available, and still not getting to where you want to be, obviously the problem isn’t in any of the above!

When we buy the highest-end appliances and tech devices, sometimes they don’t work together and require an adapter to form a complete system. Think of your team members as these powerful devices and the team’s health as the adapters.

What exactly is team health?


Team health is the general chemistry of a team, meaning that it measures synergy, collaboration, cohesiveness, and how well each talented member joins forces together to create a whole, unified entity. These characteristics are near impossible to quantify, which is why so many business owners can never pinpoint the problem when it comes to team health!

How does Team Barometer work?

Team Barometer is one of the most accurate, measurable, and versatile team health checks available today and can be used by business owners, team members, and anyone in between to create a self-organizing team environment and stay on track to a path of success, completely free of charge!

After signing up you will get a link to an assessment that you can easily complete on the go, by yourself or together with the team. 

Then we will send you a scorecard and additional tools and information so that you can take your team to the next level and unleash their true potential

What's in it for you?

A clear, accurate insight into how your team is working together and where exactly is the weak link.

The opportunity to understand how to grow your operations and make your team more productive by simply understanding your current dynamic.

By learning how to carry out a team health check, you will become instrumental in allowing your team to build a growth-oriented process and daily flow.

An actionable Miro template that you can use to spark the conversation with your team members and assess the damage, all while being completely free of charge!

A simplified process that only takes answering a group of questions to help you finally overcome your plateau and start working together with your teammates flawlessly.

Once you start following the Team Barometer recommendations, productivity plateaus will be a thing of the past!

With only a few questions, you’ll be able to know exactly what’s going wrong in your team’s dynamic, how to address these problems effectively, and how to create an exciting, self-organized team environment in which everyone can grow!

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