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Presenting Agile Basics course for the complete beginners. What is Agile? What is Scrum and Kanban? Who is a Product Owner? What is backlog and user stories? How to estimate in story points? Is Agile something from IT?

All your questions answered! The course will give you great foundational knowledge of Agile and prepare you for working in Agile environment

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We will start from scratch and gradually build up the knowledge and skills to become able not only to use Jira on advanced level, but also to create and administrate boards and projects.

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Become a Jira administrator

If you have been using Jira before, now is time to step up your game and learn advanced functionality, customization and administration.

You don't have to be a Jira admin, but if you know the available functionality and restrictions, and if you understand Jira permission management, you can do quite a lot of cool things for your team, without becoming a global admin!

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Stand with Ukraine!


I am shocked and disgusted by Russian invasion of Ukraine and I hope that the war will end soon, the aggressors will be punished and the refugees will come home. 

I used to be Russian long time ago and I deliberately chose to move to another country, change citizenship and cut all the connections with Russia because I could not accept lack of freedom, corruption and aggression. Still, like all other Russians who are against the war, I share the responsibility for not protesting more and earlier, before it was too late.

I am committed to support Ukraine doing what I can. 15% of Agile Apothecary profits from courses sales will be donated to National Bank of Ukraine to support disaster relief. Nothing can compensate for thousands of deaths, destroyed cities and orphaned children. It is a tremendous tragedy for the humanity and, but I believe that if we join our forces, we will be able to put a stop to it.

Слава Україні!


Agile Apothecary founder,

Masha Ostroumova